Dreams of Rio Human Hair Brazil

Our Company is located in Brazil Rio de Janeiro.
We are a strong exporter of Latin and Brazilian Hair.
Our hair is to satisfy the demanding needs of professional wigs and hair extensions.

We export our product as a raw material for manufactures wigs in china and Italy.
We offer a wide variety of types, textures, lengths for all markets.
We use only single virgin human hair extensions from the finest and salons.
Our hair comes in various city of Brazil, where we have collect points in the beauty salons.
We bring to our factory in Rio de Janeiro from where dispatched to our customers. All our hair products are free of synthetics and pass through a unique cleaning, sanitizing and selection.
A Dreams of Rio Human Hair Brazil has enthusiastically been developing beauty solutions. Whether promoting consumer self-esteem or supporting social and environmental actions, the human being inspires our dreams. We believe in the power of uniting people, and our mission is to unite them by beauty.
Talking about people, Brazilian population of 180 millions includes people from the most different origins. From Europe, there are German, Polish, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish descendants among others; from Asia there are Koreans, Chinese and Japanese people, not to mention Arabs and Mediterranean types. Also natives and Africans, with their cultural background, have an important role in shaping