Rio Human Hair Brazil, is a company specialized in the marketing and export of natural virgin hair, of Brazilian origin.

We aim to be leaders with your preference in the market, giving a good attention to our clients, monitoring the quality of our products and delivered to their final destination in the shortest time possible.

We try to standardize the following parameters for peace of mind you;

---  Uniform Sizes
      Ranging from 25 cms to 70 cms.

--- Colors defined
       Black, dark brown, light brown and Blond.

---  Natural Types
       Straight, wavy, curly

--- Textures
         Natural, silky and thick.

Important things you should know about of care that our company has with the product you will receive:

--- Our hairs are free of parasites (lice and nits)

--- The hair you will receive are NATURAL, VIRGIN and with out chemical treatments or discolorations , also have their cuticles intact.

** OUR HAIR are soft and silky to the touch ** 
 COMMERCIAL Clarifications to our customers:

--- When your purchase is minor than 3 kgs, will be used the price list attached.

 --- The prices are expressed in U.S. dollars

--- Prices are referred to a unit of 100 grs / 3.5 Oz

--- Prices DO NOT include the cost of shipping to final destination. It is for the client.